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Luke Wilson
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Luke Wilson

Phil Everly

Luke grew up around rock'n'roll thanks to his parents influence and developed a passion for singing at an early age. After leaving college in 2016, Luke dropped plans of a career in law to pursue his dream of singing and performing. As well as writing his own songs, Luke performed in several rock bands enjoying local success and gaining a significant following.

Luke and his brother Aaron formed 'The Wilson Brothers' performing as a duo guitar/vocal playing 50's and 60's music to audiences across the UK and soon decided to concentrate on the music of the Everly Brothers as they had a great and natural harmony blend as brothers often do. After just a few short years, their tribute act took off and their shows earned them the praise of the International Everly Brothers Fan Club. With this accolade, they toured in Europe at Everly fan conventions and as part of larger rock'n'roll shows.

Luke continued to perfect his guitar skills and write songs during his touring period and when not being a rock'n'roller, he and his brother still performed with their original bands.
The Wilson Brothers soon caught the eye of the producers of WRB and as they were the only tribute duo in the UK capable of portraying the Everlys in their younger days, the call was made

Luke joined WRB in 2018 and although this was his first major role in rock'n'roll theatre he has certainly proven to be up to the task and this year will be his third tour with WRB. With his high singing voice and boyish good looks, Luke is a great fit for Phil Everly.

Luke's favourite Everly Brothers song is "A Change Of Heart”