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Chris Webb
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Chris Webb

Archie Bleyer / Drums

Back in the drum stool with WRB is drummer Chris Webb.
After first sitting behind a drum kit aged 9, Chris never looked back and from the age of 13 he took every opportunity to play with musicians and bands, playing anywhere from garages to jam nights and the odd grotty club while studying with some of the country’s top drum educators.

When he was 18 he gained a place on the degree course at London's DrumTech and at 19 he had joined his first full time band.

The next 13 years saw Chris perform all over the world playing at some of the UK’s most prestigious venues including the world famous Cavern Club in Liverpool, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, London's iconic 100 Club, The Barbican Centre, Hampton Court, American & European music festivals and BBC National Radio.

Chris spends a lot of his professional musical life performing as Ringo Starr in some of the UK’s top Beatles Shows. You may have seen him drumming and singing with tributes such as The Cavern Club Beatles, Them Beatles, The Cavern Beatles & The Upbeat Beatles.

Most recently, Chris has been taking up more than just his drumming role. He has also become a successful Company Manager for several UK touring productions, including ‘McCartney - the Songbook’ and of course 'Walk Right Back'.

Chris's favourite Everly Brothers song is "Crying In The Rain”