Ollie Gray
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Ollie Gray

Director / Producer

When Ollie isn’t touring or playing live in theatres and music venues across the UK, he is often working on many ventures in the audio recording world.

For theatre shows including That’ll Be The Day and Walk Right Back, Ollie is responsible for much of the pre and post audio production that’s featured in and alongside the show itself - this includes audio links, sound effects, voiceovers and constructing all the click-tracks that sync the music up to the visuals. Ollie often works closely alongside One Vision Media to create perfect integration of the audio and AV aspects of the show.

When it comes to recording the shows for sale, for over a decade now Ollie has worked with the sound engineers in capturing multitrack recordings of the live performances, after which he takes them back to his own studio for editing, mixing and mastering for CD and providing audio for DVD production. Ollie has mixed many shows over the years, including countless versions of TBTD but also Walk Right Back, Seven Drunken Nights, Essence of Ireland and Route 66. Ollie’s mixes can be heard on the promo trailer videos for That’ll Be The Day, Walk Right Back, Imagine, McCartney The Songbook, Seven Drunken Nights, and The UK Pink Floyd Experience.

Ollie had a passion for recording studios and the technical side of music since his college days, and continues to write, record and produce his own music as well as other artistes, bands and theatre productions both on the road and at his private recording & mixing facility based in the West Midlands.