Ollie Gray
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Ollie Gray

Director / Producer

Ollie grew up around music and developed a love for playing and performing it through his family involvement with the UK’s most successful touring theatre show, ‘That’ll Be The Day’. He started playing drums at age 11 and picked up guitar and bass in his early teens.

After school and music college, Ollie’s first musical endeavours were in original bands based in Bournemouth, writing and recording their own material and performing at venues around the South coast and then in London.

In his university years, Ollie studied drums at degree level at Drumtech in West London, before going out on the road as crew for ‘That’ll Be The Day’. It wasn’t long before he transitioned into the band as bass player, where he remained for 5 years before moving onto lead guitar, where he has been ever since. He has enjoyed performing various Everly Brothers songs in TBTD over the last decade.

Ollie has had a love for recording and producing music since college, which he continues to enjoy using his home studio and is always working on projects for various artists and shows at home and on the road.

In 2017, Ollie, along with a few other members of TBTD, formed a team writing, producing and directing Walk Right Back, making its debut tour in the spring of 2018. In 2019, Ollie stepped into take over the role of Don Everly and had a hugely enjoyable experience performing as one of his all-time favourite artists and singing songs he’s loved for many years.

Ollie is looking forward to continuing to produce and direct WRB in its future endeavours and is also involved in the productions of several other theatre shows including “Imagine - The John Lennon Songbook” and “McCartney - The Songbook”.